The XIV International Seminar on Longevity begins in Cuba

Under the motto "What to do to achieve 120 and more, with active and satisfactory longevity," begins today in the Palace of Conventions of this capital the XIV International Seminar on Longevity.

As part of the event organized by the Caribbean Medical Association, AMECA, the 10th International Nursing Meeting, the Third International Oral Health Symposium in Longevity, and the XII Centenary Meeting will also be held.

The event, which will run until next Friday, will address issues such as genetics, culture, motivation, sexuality, nutrition and food, environment and physical activity.

They seminar is sponsored by the Ministries of Public Health, and Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba; The World and Pan American Health Organization; The Superior Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana; and the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation.

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