Workshop in Cuba on the training of elderly adults

A workshop on training and information for the elderly: volunteering, and lifelong education, will take place in Havana. A global event that brings together over 200 delegates and guests from 15 countries.

Teresa Orosa, President of the Chair of the Senior Adult at the University of Havana, will speak about education in the International Colloquium "The rights of the elderly in the world", which includes thousands of teachers, mostly retired people who voluntarily work for the education and well-being of their peers.

Through this training model thousands of older adults continue to be educated in order to continue being useful to society, said Orosa on monday in her speech during the opening of the colloquium that took place in the Cojímar Convention Center.

Many years ago the National Hero of Cuba José Martí said that "education has to go wherever life goes", so if life by chance leads us to old age we must remain active and updated people, she remarked.

All human beings possess abilities, talents, longings, frustrations, projects and many good qualities that we continue to have when we are older, according to what we have been able to be and learn, stressed the expert.

Older people constitute the living historical memory of our peoples, and it is our right and duty to contribute and contribute to that better world, she said.

This meeting of the voices of the elderly is not a space for the complaint, but for the contribution and proposed solutions, it meant.

Speaking exclusively to the Cuban News Agency, the renowned psychologist said that according to data from the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba, the Chair of the Elderly Adult have graduated about 119 thousand people since 2000 when this program began, headed by the University of Havana, the CTC and the Association of Pedagogos de Cuba.
Currently in La Havana province there are 574 adults enrolled in 44 classrooms and 16 thousand 851 graduates, she concluded.

Fuente: Radio Nuevitas

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