A University chair to improve the live of the elderly

The city council and the University have just created a space to give solutions to a group that already surpasses the 200,000 people in València

The València City Council and the University of Valencia have created a chair for Sustainable Aging of the elderly, a formula that will allow both entities to create joint programs to improve the quality of life of the elderly. Only in the capital there are already 200,000 people over 60 years.

Sandra Gómez, head of senior citizens of the City of Valencia, has warned of the demographic moment in which we are and the need to respond to this growing group. In that sense, he advocated overcoming the exclusive attention of social services and seeking other solutions and resources to serve the collective. And in that frame is born this chair, the head of which will be the dean of the faculty of Nursing, Julio Fernandez, who considers essential to advance in aspects such as leisure, health and passion.

At the ceremony was also the rector of the Universitat, Esteban Morcillo, who thanked the work of the council and the cooperation that they maintain with the institution he directs on so many other issues.

Source: Levante.emv
Available at: http://www.levante-emv.com/valencia/2017/03/27/catedra-mejorar-vida-mayores/1546690.html