Study: Older women face old age with freedom, beauty and happiness

The research called "Mirror", on beauty and female aging, had valuable information based on academic work and in-depth interviews with people of different ages in the region.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that between 2000 and 2050, the number of people over 60 will increase from 605 million to 2 billion over the course of half a century.

And Chile is no stranger to this reality. According to data from the survey Casen Adult Mayor 2013, released last year, the population of older adults increased by 9.3 % compared to 2011, reaching 2,885,157 people. Moreover, by the year 2050 our country is expected to be the second largest in Latin America, according to CEPAL.

In our country exist the concept of the feminization of aging: for every 100 men over 60 years old, there is a counterpart of 130 Chileans with similar age, especially due to the greater survival of women.

To understand the processes that women live in the different stages of their lives, the anthropologist Paula Pinto developed an investigation on the beauty and the feminine aging, to the eaves of the company Natura.


The study called "Mirror" had valuable information based on scholarly anthropology and in-depth interviews with women of different ages in Latin America.

"Old age is an issue that women speak permanently, as it generates a personal and socio-cultural crisis, and requires a re-elaboration of identity. It is a process of transition during which women seek to give meaning or new meanings to their life, "said Pinto.

She added that "the physical changes associated with age produce in women feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and certain pride hurt by the confrontation between physical and social reality and stereotyped ideals."

According to the expert, it creates an ideal of beauty determined by certain cultural values ​​very ingrained and that hinder the acceptance of women around their age. "Youth is a symbol of social integration, since the one who grows up is excluded. In this way, beauty ensures greater opportunities in social life because it is more beautiful when you are younger, and finally health is represented in a beautiful and thin body, "he added.

Although this picture may seem bleak, "today we see that it is increasingly possible to experience the different phases of aging with beauty, freedom and happiness. This can be good and desirable when you discover the power and freedom that is achieved over time. A good way to deal with it is to try to minimize losses and understand that it is a time of maturation of the body, emotions and decisions. Age brings patience, tranquility and anxiety, which allows women to see their old fears in a different way. "


The research revealed that older women spend their time on life projects outside the home. Many of them in their 70s and 90s face old age as a release from obligations they had inside and outside the home because they feel that they lived the marriage as an experience of little freedom. "They find in this stage the possibility of dedicate their time to themselves. The most important value for these women is late-conquered freedom, "said Pinto.

In this way, the freedom of women in the region is assumed to have different meanings: to have free and private time to meditate, to be alone and to enjoy other activities; Over time, the company of friends is better used and learn to say no, that is, they become less critical of others and with themselves, they learn not to compare and value individuality, individuality and difference.

Source: La Nacion
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