Strengthen care for the elderly in Cienfuegos

This province, one with the oldest population in Cuba and equipped with one of the nation's largest provincial amount of nursing homes and grandparents, added a new facility.

The house of grandparents Salvador Carrera Viera, located in the populous urban distribution of Pastorita, of the municipality of Cienfuegos, is already a reality; this is the number 31 of its kind in the province.

A longing wish for the aforementioned popular council, the new institution has a capacity for 40 elderly people who, in addition to socializing and being involved in a healthy and productive time management, receive exquisite attention in all orders, and especially in the food.

In the Carrera Viera Salvador is integrated the Community Project "Alegria de vivir" (Joy of live), conducted by the psychologist Guillermina Yánez García, which has a hymn, sang by the grandparents themselves.

Since 2014, the Cuban State, through the Ministry of Public Health, has provided to this province more than three million pesos with the objective of repairing the care network of the senior adult program, which in Cienfuegos, with strategic vision, every day takes on greater priority and is strengthened.

Cienfuegos as a province, shows an 18.9% of population aging; although municipalities like Cruces, Lajas and Palmira, are of very old population, exceding 20%. Local life expectancy now stands at 80 for women and at 78 for men.

Source: Granma

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