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Legislative provisions that address the rights of the aged population:

(1) Article 24 of the Constitution of Guyana states that “every citizen has the right to free medical attention and also to social case in case of old age and disability”,

(2) The Old Age Pensions Act, Chapter 36:03 of the Laws of Guyana highlights that persons who are citizens of Guyana for at least ten years, have attained the age of 65 years and have been ordinarily resident  in Guyana during a period of twenty-five years immediately preceding the claim for old age pension, may receive such benefits;

(3) The National Insurance and Social Security Act, Chapter 36:01 of the Laws of Guyana, also specifically provides that old age benefits may be paid to persons who have attained the age of 60 years and are insured under the Act while previously gainfully occupied in either public, private and self-employment;


 (4) The Poor Relief Act 19:03 Chapter 36:02 states that “the aged and infirmed persons are entitles to financial relief from the state funds if they are destitute and unable to earn sufficient for their maintenance and finally  the Maintenance Act, provides that children are required to maintain their parents and grandparents

who by reason of old age or bodily or mental infirmity are unable to maintain themselves




-In the 2012 Guyana Report on Aging (the Report) states that “Associations of Older Persons could help educate about the rights of the elderly and promote their active participation in the community activities”.

-Development of  a national inter-sectoral plan for the elderly of the type recommended by the Madrid Action Plan , to include older persons and their interest groups in that planning and to enact comprehensive legislation to enhance and protect the rights of the elderly.

-The Government-appointed National Commission for the Elderly which will review laws and regulations of the elderly.


Public programs for elderly should complement the individual’s retirement plan, rather than supplant the role of the community and family;

1) Care of elderly is the responsibility of the governments, business, and the community;

2) All Guyanese, regardless of age, should be able to continue their social and economic


3) Evidence-based analysis should inform policy responses.

4) Government has piloted extended home-based care in Region 6, to vulnerable groups in the population, including the elderly.

5) Universal government funded water payment subsidy for seniors who are registered Guyana Water Authority customers. The Pensioner’s subsidy is granted yearly by the Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security to persons who are recipients of the Government’s Old Age Pension. This subsidy assists eligible GWI customers with paying their water bills.

6) International Day for Older Persons (1 October) as a ‘National Day

7) Discounted groceries for senior persons in two local supermarkets to ease the burden of cost of living.


Policies Implemented

Promotion of Senior Citizens Clubs;

Provision of Old Age Pension to all citizens age 65 and over;

Provision of annual subventions to senior citizens homes;

Establishment of a National Commission on the elderly;

Food support for vulnerable persons through the Social Impact amelioration Programme and Food for the Poor Incorporated

International treaties


International instruments

Vienna International Plan of Action  (1982)

Madrid Plan of Action on Aging (2002)

Brasilia Declaration  (2007)