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Unfortunately, there isn’t currently no law for the protection of the elderly in Haiti.



There are ongoing efforts by the   civil society to sensitize the Haitian authorities on the specific needs of the elderly and in addition to adopt a law that guarantees and protects their rights.
A program called, "Kore ti Granmoun " ( Support to Elderly) was inaugurated by the Haitian government two years ago. However, the program never got off the ground according to statements by the managers.




To date, we are not aware of any official program that targets specifically the elderly, other than the National Health Policy, published recently, which makes reference to the elderly in one of the chapters.



For now, only an embryonic Public Health Policy takes in account the needs of the elderly in Haiti.

International treaties


A group at the United Nations in New York is working in view to make recommendations to the United Nations assembly to achieve an international convention on the rights of the elderly. For now, the group continues to meet at least once a year.

An inter-American convention on the rights of the elderly is being adopted at OAS level

International instruments

 - International Plan of Action on Ageing (1982)
- Political Declaration and International Plan of Action on Ageing (2002)
- Brasilia Declaration (2007