Life expectancy in Nicaragua exceeds 70 years

According to data shared by the Public Health System, in Nicaragua, mortality in older adults averaged 77 years, 72 men and 78 women.

The major diseases that cause death in both sexes are heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, and trachea, bronchial, lung and prostate neoplasias.

However, hundreds of medical units in the country are promoting a healthy aging with the promotion of good habits to practice from an early age.

"If we do not take care of ourselves at this age, we will suffer from different complications like pneumonia that is mortal, it leads to death to the elderly, to illness and suffering, it is important not to self-medicate, we are use to take many medications, then start suffering from stomach and gastritis, " says Dr. Carlos Cruz of the Ministry of Health.

"In order to be healthy we must eat healthy, we must have good medical care from the beginning of the course of life ... just at the moment, if it is not an aging so healthily we can have corrective measures in time and we cannot forget that our region In Latin America is threatened by an increase of 433 percent by 2050 in alzheimer's and related diseases, "Dr. Sulema Villalta of Costa Rica shared.

"We have to take preventive measures, depression and loneliness are perverse sisters of dementia, we have to integrate the elderly person into decision making, it is an important step also for the aging. We must unite each one in each theme, articulate the programs so that the discourse of aging is not disorderly but is a productive and person-centered aging, " Villalta told the media.

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