By 2045 humans will be 'superlongliving' thanks to technology

Between 2029 and 2045 humans will be super-intelligent and super-intelligent thanks to technology, mainly due to advances in artificial intelligence, according to recently published Singularity University estimates.

The academic of that international project, Jose Luis Cordeiro, indicated that in about 30 years death could even become optional.

For this, the specialist sees as "the only solution" - despite not being proven effective - cryogenization, a method of keeping a body at very low temperatures in the hope of being revived when science is ready.

"We are going to control the aging process, but the challenge will be to democratize the technology," said the professor.

He predicts genetic technology will be used to "design children" before birth, which could be done in one minute and for $ 10 in 2025.

Cordeiro considered that "we are living the best age of humanity and in the next years we will achieve more medical advances compared to the last two millennia."

He believes that the current scientific development is not linear, but exponential and this will make the technology of the coming years look like magic.

Singularity University is an educational initiative created by Google, NASA and technologists from Silicon Valley (United States), dedicated to the research and development of new technologies.

Source: Al Dia. Infomed

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