New oldest living person in world is Jamaican born just miles from fastest man on planet Usain Bolt

Violet Brown, who is 117 years and 36 days old - takes over the title from fellow supercentenarian Emma Morano

The new 'oldest living person in world' is a Jamaican who was born just miles from the birthplace of the fastest man on planet, Usain Bolt.

Violet Brown - who is 117 years and 36 days old - takes over the title from fellow supercentenarian Emma Morano who has died aged 117 years and 137 days.

She is the first ever verified supercentenarian from Jamaica - and the oldest verified Jamaican person EVER.

Mrs Brown was born on March 10, 1900 when Jamaica was a part of the British Empire, making her the last living former subject of Queen Victoria who died in January 1901.

Recognised by the Guinness Book of Records , Mrs Brown - who still lives in the same house in where she was born - told the Jamaica Observer in an interview last year: “I live by the grace of God and I am proud of my age!”

It also reported last May that her 96-year-old son, Harold Fairweather, is widely believed to be the oldest person with a living parent.

“She likes fish and mutton and sometimes she will have cow foot,” he told The Observer.

“But she does not eat pork or chicken”.

That news will disappoint anyone wishing to draw a comparison of her longevity with the abilities of Olympic champion Usain Bolt.

He was born only a few miles away on August 21, 1986 in Sherwood Content in Trelawny - but has famously credited his success to eating chicken nuggets.

Mrs Brown also likes to eat sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, breadfruit and fruit, especially oranges and mangoes.

A devout Christian, she used to work as a cane farmer before somewhat ironically becoming a record keeper for the local cemetery where her husband was once caretaker.

Mrs Brown takes over the title of the oldest living woman in the world from Emma Morano - who died today aged 117 years and 137 days.

She put her longevity down to eating three eggs a day - one cooked and two raw eggs every day since the age of 20 after a doctor diagnosed her with anemia.

Emma was also the last surviving person in the world born in the 1800s - and credited eating small amounts of minced meat and only having milk for supper for helping her live longer.

She also used to eat 500 grams of Gianduiotti every week (chocolates made with the hazelnuts) and glasses full of honey - and was also the oldest Italian person EVER.

Italian media outlet Rai News reported her death - noting she had outlived three King of Italy, a dozen presidents of the Italian Republic and 11 popes

MirrorOnline reported last November how Emma was in a generally cheery mood, saying: "I’m doing really fine, but my legs are weak."

Emma was born in Civiasco, province of Vercelli, in 1899 as the first of eight children.

As a teenager, she enjoyed dancing, loved waltz and tango and adored music - but she suffered hard times throughout her life.

During the First World War her fiancé was called to the front line - and the young lovers never met again.

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