Mother's love does not matter age. He moves with 98 years to a residence to take care of his son of 80

Ada Keating, a 98-year-old woman, has it clear: "No matter how old you are, you never stop being a mother". And this axiom shows it with facts. And is that this old woman of advanced age has moved to a residence in Liverpool to take care of his son Tom, 80 years. Tom needs special care and attention and she could not give them at home, so she applied for a residence in 2016.

But Ada has only endured a few months without Tom at home. Mother and son are inseparable and love to spend time together. She is a widow and he never married and always lived in the family home. Such is the bond that unites them that Ada has not hesitated to move to the residence of Moss View, in Liverpool, to be next to her son, according to the Liverpool Echo.

"Every day I go to Tom's room to say good morning and good night. When I go to the hairdresser, he is awaiting my return and when I return he always receives me with open arms to give me a hug. No matter how old you are, you never stop being a mom, "says Ada.

Tom is delighted to have Ada as a neighbor. "I am happy to see my mother every day now that she lives here. She is very good at taking care of me. " Despite Tom's age, Ada still catches his attention when he thinks it necessary. Sometimes she tells me 'Behave!'

Ada and Harry, her late husband had four children: Tom, Barbara, Margi and Janet, who died when she was 13 years old. Debi Higham, Ada's granddaughter, and other family members visit Tom and Ada often and say that the family is happy that they can both be together again.

"It is very moving to see the close relationship that Tom and Ada have, and we are very happy to have been able to meet their needs," explains Philip Daniels, one of the caregivers of the residence.

Source: La Vanguardia

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