Millionaire Health Spending in Barbados

Barbados spent more than 360.34 million dollars last year in the health sector, said the minister of the branch, John Boyce.

58 percent of that figure, some 209 million dollars, was the economic cost to alleviate the so-called Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, according to the official.

The island lost another 200 million dollars for the concepts of lost workdays, low productivity and other related items, according to Boyce.

A disease such as end stage renal failure is also a growing public health problem in Barbados, the minister added.

Such disase is mainly associated with high rates of hypertensive and cardiac patients on the island, he said.

Rapid international movement and trade, internal population movements, water management practices and climate change are among the factors that create opportunities for the global spread of diseases, argued the Minister of Health of Barbados.

Boyce announced the implementation of the National Strategic Plan in the sector with the aim of achieving universal health coverage in the country and that Barbados comply with its international obligations, particularly with respect to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Adequate models of care and the required human resources should be identified for that goal.

An appropriate health structure should also be formalized with regulatory support frameworks and cost containment mechanisms, with emphasis on sustainability, access to care, and quality improvements.

This territory can boast of important sanitary improvements in the period after independence, published the capital newspaper Barbados Today.

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