Japanese woman with 82-year-old develops iPhone apps

The Japanese Masako Wakamiya, 82 years old, is today one of the most veteran iPhone application developers in the world. Pioneer in the manufacture of smart phones accessible for elderly people, as the AFP agency considers, it learned itself to code.

According to Wakamiya, those over 60 need to actively seek new skills to stay agile. "As you get older, you lose a lot of things: husband, job, hair, sight ... The disadvantages are numerous. But learning something new, whether programming or playing the piano, is an advantage, it is motivating, "says the developer in an interview with the agency.

"Once you have completed your professional life, you must return to school. In the Internet age, if you stop learning you suffer the consequences in your daily life, "explains Wakamiya.

This veteran Japanese woman, who worked as a bank clerk, became interested in computers in the 1990s. It was then that she learned the fundamentals of coding and developed the Hinadan application herself, one of the earliest games for seniors Of 60 years.

Although Wakamiya acknowledges that "writing lines of code is difficult" her desire to continue learning has no stopped. "I really want to understand the fundamentals of programming, because for the moment I only learned the elements necessaries to create Hinadan," she admits.

The ultimate goal of the elderly Japanese woman is to create "other applications that can entertain older people and help transmit to young people the culture and traditions that the elderly possess."

The majority of older persons have abandoned the idea of learning, but the fact that some begin [again] not only is good for them but also for the economy of the country, "says Wakamiya. Confesses that being "so busy every day" gives she no time "to think about diseases".

“Source of inspiration”

Although once met the 40 years, Silicon Valley workers are already considered old, Japanese developer held a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, who described her as a "source of inspiration".

"He asked me what I had been done to ensure that older people might use the application. I told him that she had thought about this during programming, recognizing that older people lose hearing and vision, and your fingers may not work as well", recalled Wakamiya.

In addition, despite her advanced age, Wakamiya was invited to participate in the prestigious Conference world of developers of Apple, where she was the older creator of applications. It is never late  to learn.

Source: CubaDebate
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