Ended V course of graduates of the Latin American Academy of Medicine of the Elderly

Between May 26 and 28, 2017, in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, the fifth course of graduates of the Latin American Academy of Medicine of the Elderly (ALMA) was held, focusing on this opportunity in Education in Geriatrics.

The participants came from Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Panama, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, accompanied by speakers from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, Peru and the United States, Who shared experiences in face-to-face and virtual presentations.

During the course, topics about conceptual foundations in Geriatrics education were presented, presenting educational and pedagogical models from around the world, assessment strategies, competency assessment and didactic strategies.

In addition, topics were discussed in relation to teaching in geriatrics and other areas of health, deepening the skills to be acquired in undergraduate, graduate, specialties other than Geriatrics, as family medicine, and case manager, as well as the role Of research, teaching and public health knowledge during training.

It should be noted that these topics were raised in keynote speeches by the speakers and, in addition, in teamwork, where ALMA alumni contributed with very up-to-date and interesting information, which served to reach extremely useful conclusions and, finally, On the last day of the course, to a consensus on the competencies that ALMA will recommend for the institutions in charge of education in Geriatrics in the region.

In relation to what was mentioned, a Delphi panel expert method was used, achieving consensus for more than 90% of the questions posed so soon it will have first quality information that will be useful to take the first step in standardizing education in Medicine in Latin America and the Caribbean.