Argentine Software and App Improve the Cognitive Quality of Uruguayan Seniors

Since 2012, the Argentine company Caretronics has developed the Autobiographic Training Software (SEA), which is used in the official digital inclusion plan for retirees in Uruguay.

Two Argentine professionals developed a mobile application and cognitive training software for older adults and, guided by the premise that personal memories reaffirm identity, their developments are used in Uruguay's official digital inclusion plan for retirees, while in Argentina apply it in individual cases.

The programmer Matías Aiskovich, 24, and the designer Ariel Klein, 30, are the young people behind the company Caretronics, which aims to bring their technological know-how to proposals that improve the quality of life of people, according to an interview with Télam.

From their joint work since 2012, Autobiographical Training Software (SEA) first emerged, which is "the first in Argentina," said Klein.

"What we do is personalized. We make an interview to the person, choose photos together, as a family, look for the music he likes and we build his life. We get a tailor made software that serves to reaffirm the identity of that person and that is a Family legacy highly valued, " summed up Aiskovich.

Most of those who use SEA are older adults "who do not necessarily have a disease, because it is important to be clear that our development does not cure, it is not magic: it is a useful tool to improve conditions and quality of life," he said.

And also, regardless of age, it is used by people with cognitive impairment.

SEA "was medically tested over a period of six months by a team of occupational therapy and neuropsychologist, and the evidence showed a marked improvement in the quality of life of the Alzheimer's patient. We presented it last year during the World Congress on Brain, Behavior and Emotions, which was held in Buenos Aires, and we are now preparing a report on the experience" said Klein.

Then, "since no one is a prophet in their land, we received a proposal from Uruguay and thus was born 'Recuerdos', the first apk to train memory with 100 % Uruguayan content, which was distributed among the 400,000 retirees of that country, in the framework of the digital inclusion plan Ibirapitá" shared the professionals.

In addition, they anticipated that this year Memories "will be distributed, pre-installed, on 70,000 more tablets in that country."

"This apk works on the cognitive domain from the general culture" the developers said.

This is achieved by playing the memotest, the hanged, the puzzle and questions and answers based on events, sports, arts, places, flora and fauna of Uruguay.

"We did a lot of research, we can not afford the mistakes, because that creates more problems for people with congenital difficulties, so we are very careful, we check, monitor the product," said the programmer.

They both say they are very happy about the comments they receive from their users, "which are very good, and it is a double satisfaction, because it is about including people who, generationally, are unfamiliar with these technologies, who also use it and they like ".

Now they are working on new content, proposing that "people can share their stories, that they can tell their memories," they added.

None of them is financially supported by these projects, which they improve in their spare time. The next challenge is "Memories (souvenirs, in Portuguese) Brazil", which is in the research stage of content and "Recuerdos Chile", for which "we need sponsor", say the professionals.

"What about Argentina?" Is the logical question: "We had some approach with Argentine authorities, but we do not advance", although "Recuerdos Argentina" is a reality and can be downloaded, free of charge, at Id = com.caretronics.recordsarg & hl = en

Aiskovich and Klein stressed the importance of "enabling older adults to use these technologies, so that more people have access to the apk, which is what Uruguay does before delivering the tablets."

Meanwhile, go ahead with SEA, a job they do for individuals, families or institutions.

During the talk, they speak several times of reminiscence, what the dictionary defines as "what survives of a thing and serves to remember it". They do that with their software and their apk, designed so that people and their loved ones share memories and preserve their identity.

Source: Telam

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Translated by: RedMaySal