38% of elders is poor

The study points out that most people live with a minimal retirement and are unable to survive.

A new report from the Social Observatory of the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) reveals that 38 % of older adults in the country are poor.

The majority in the conurban of Buenos Aires; have housing shortages, did not finish the secondary school and belong to the very low and low strata, are inactive with minimal retirement or have precarious jobs. That is the profile of a good portion of older Argentines, who claim that silver is not enough to end the month.

This is supported by the report "The economic problems of the elderly: an approach to the multiple dimensions of their vulnerability", presented today by the Social Debt Observatory of the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and the Navarro Viola Foundation.

According to this research, 38 % of those over 60 consider that the income at their home is insufficient to meet their needs.

In addition, lack of livelihood is also related to health status: they have psychological distress, anxiety or depression (37.5 %), and their health is compromised (31.6 %); ther are feeling little or nothing happy (19.2 %) and lack personal projects that allow them to go on.

This report adds to that recently published that poverty reaches 13 million people, or 32.9 % of the population.

The study, also from the UCA, showed that poverty increased from 32.6 % in April 2016 to 32.9 % in the last three months. By the end of 2015, the percentage was 29 %.

Meanwhile, the indigence went from 5.3 % to 6.9 % and reached 2.7 million Argentines. He also estimated that to be above that level a family should receive more than $ 2,200 a month.

Source: Elancasti.com

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