With 121 years old, Celino is the oldest man in the world

His name is Celino Villaneuva Jaramillo, and he has recently become the oldest man in the world. He was born in 1896, or so he says, because he lost his birth certificate in the same fire that left him in the street 20 years ago. But in his country no one doubts the longevity of this Chilean, because the minister of justice and even the president himself gave him a new identification card.

When Marta Ramírez welcomed an indigent nonagenarian in her house, she did not expected to share so many experiences together. After his house burned down, the man had nowhere to go, and Marta offered him asylum in her home. "He was 99 years old, I did not think he would be much longer with me," she recalls. What the woman never imagined is that her new partner would live until 121 years old.

Celino was born the same year that the first Olympic Games were played, that Utah became the 45th state of the EE UU and when Ford produced its first motor vehicle.

"In reviewing our records, Celino Villanueva Jaramillo was born on July 25, 1896, and he is still alive," said Jacqueline Salinas, one of the heads of the demography department of Chile's statistics office.

Due to his old age, the communication with Celino is limited. He is 90% blind due to his cataracts, has 85% deafness and is toothless. We know his history, or at least part of it, thanks to the records. Apparently he worked all his life for a landowner named Ambrosio Toledo. At his eightieth birthday, the farmer was fired because a younger hand was going to replace him. That forced him to leave the house where he lived but, in return, he got a modest pension, which ended up turning off a dilapidated shack in a nearby town.

A terrible accident, which almost ended his life, destroyed his home and his belongings. A few days later, Marta welcomed him into the house until today, becoming, as she says, "my long-term guest".

Source: CubaDebate

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